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Tokenized Commercial Papers & Audit

Smart Contract & Blockchain Enabled Commerce


Since paper was invited 2,000 years ago during antiquity, commercial papers, as the name implies, have largely been paper based. Since then, little has changed until the innovation of computers whereupon, the combination of easy editing and lawyers have made commercial papers untenably verbose and wasteful. Conversely, the time for completion of secondary trade has remained largely the same as pre-digital age (measured by months).

By tokenizing commercial papers, secondary transactions can be more seamless, instantaneous, and environmentally friendly. Smart contracts are self-executing and digital contracts that run when predetermined conditions are met.

Being stored in a blockchain, smart contracts are immutable, which means that they cannot be changed once they have been entered, and they are traceable. As such, these “modern” contracts present some important advantages compared to traditional contract.

Our Smart Contract Team will help you use the latest technologies to both formulate your next deal so that you too can join us in the Web 5 Digital Age!

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The Objective

At XBE Group, we aim to leverage the latest of smart-contract technologies in improving modern day transactions. This can be done via our proprietary tech to address:

  • Need #1: Improve Transaction Times via employment of tokenized assets

  • Need #2: Improve Secondary Transaction Volume

  • Need #3: Provide Smart Contract Review and Auditing Services to ensure compliance with regulations.

The Opportunity

Working in tantum with our strategic partners, XBE Tokenization Services aims to bring your businesses into the Web 3.0 and Web 5.0 space powered by our technology:


  • Tech #1: Digital Ownership Token (“DOT”) Minting Engine

  • Tech #2: E-commerce Engine

  • Tech #3: Multi-sign wallet functionality

  • Tech #4: DOT Smart Contract IP Management Suite

  • Tech #5: Bespoke Web 3.0 Smart Contract Services with White Label Integration Capability

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