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About Us

Xtreme Business Enterprises (XBE) is a technology group with deep expertise and broad experience in Web 5 and its responsible adoption and implementation by companies in all industries. In addition, XBE, with its resources, expertise and experience, is also an efficient venture builder and incubator of new technology companies and new business divisions. Some of our successes are mentioned below. 


Two successful companies are presently already traded on the US OTC Markets:


The world's first DOT company disrupting the media and entertainment industry

In our quest to create more unicorns in the technology universe, as a venture builder and incubator, we hope to (1) discover talent with a passion for responsible adoption and implementation of technology and (2) disrupt existing businesses and market practices that are most in need of an upgrade in efficiency and productivity. We will support and nurture founders or leaders with incredible passion by mobilising our resources and execution team to achieve the best outcome. 

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Mission & Vision

With respect to Web 5, our vision is to become a leader in responsible real world adoption and implementation of all things related to blockchain, NFT and metaverse. And our mission is to help any company (new or established) in any industry interested in Web 5 successfully apply it in their business.


As a venture builder and incubator, our vision is to be a leader in creating technology unicorns that are passionate about responsible application of technology to improve lives and in developing bespoke venture corporations to specifically meet the respective needs of corporations around the world.  XBE’s mission is to introduce to the world exciting new technologies that impact lives and to help corporations create new divisions that can access new markets and / or equip them with innovative technologies that can unlock new business opportunities. 


Our Team

One of our key advantages is our experienced management team with proven track record in areas such as blockchain, NFT, DOT, AI, spatial web, extended reality, metaverse and other Web 5 technologies. We have a diverse and professional management team that is efficient, productive and laser focused on our objectives.



Web 5 is the seamless integration and interoperation between the amazing user experience and extreme efficiency made possible by the centralised Web 2 developed over decades, and the decentralisation, autonomous and ownership centric principles of Web 3 growing in influence over the last few years. And we have observed how brands and companies (both new and old) have grown their reputation and values exponentially through the responsible adoption and implementation of Web 5, a trend that cannot be ignored without adverse consequences.

At XBE, we offer Web 5 as-a-Service (5aaS). Solutions include:

  • AI

  • Blockchain

  • Metaverse 

  • Community Building 

  • PR and Marketing 

  • Smart Wallet 

  • Social Media 

  • IDO 

  • DOT & DOC 

  • 3D Viewing Experience




Our Portfolio

XBE is a leader in responsible Web 5 application and a leader as a venture builder and incubator. We support founders and leaders passionate about the responsible application of technology to improve people’s lives. Founded and led by famous technology businessman Dr Herbert Lee (our Chairman and President), Xtreme Business Enterprises advises and supports a group of technology companies with a primary mission to disrupt real world industries, including:


The world's first DOT company disrupting the arts and collectibles industry publicly traded on the OTC Markets in the US


The world's first DOT company disrupting the media and entertainment industry traded on the OTC Markets in the US


A world class technology company committed to providing the most immersive viewing experience through autostereoscopic displays


A leading AI technology company applying edge computing AI, through a proprietary chip, to solve real world problems. 

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